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Dwlr's graphics shoppe

Post by Dwlr on Tue Nov 03, 2015 2:30 pm

-I WILL NOT do animation, they're simply too time consuming to take as general requests.

-I WILL NOT be doing custom drawings, that is I will draw a character by scratch so the poses you want them in MUST already exist somewhere on the internet. The backgrounds unless otherwise specified will be custom made, you are perfectly free to request a blending of a stock image to your character keeping in mind there are some limitations that go with that as some images simply won't blend.

-To save me from being bogged down I WILL only take multiple requests from people if they are of different types of images. I'll do a maximum of 4 images per person of the following composition: 1 Avatar, 1 Sig, and 2 Simple Userbars.

-All Avatars will be made to the maximum size allowed by the site 150x200 px filesize permitting.
-I need an image you want included in your Avatar preferably an image that is already rendered. That is an character without a background.
-Color is determined by the character you have chosen by default however if you want a specific background color you need to specify.
-Lastly if you know the art style you want the image done in you're free to request that as well, i.e Vector, Grunge, etc

-All userbars will be made the length of your requested sig by default if you do not want a sig the default size will be 400x30 px exceptions on height reserved for pop-out userbars.
-You have the option of having a basic bar or a bar behind a sprite as long as you provide the sprite.
- I need written EXACTLY the text you wish to appear on the bar. Short text only such since it's a Mario Kart forum an example would be Rosalina User, Luigi User, etc.

For Sigs I need the following specified:
-Size - Maximum of 500x200, recommended is 450x150
-Character - Like the Avatar a pre-rendered image is greatly appreciated
-Color - Color is determined by your choice of character by default, but a specific color may be specified
-Art Style - General art style if you know it would be something like Vector or Grunge, if you do not have a specific art style or don't know what they type of style you want is called you can post an example of an image in that style and I'll TRY to mimic it for you.
-Text - I need it written EXACTLY how you want it to appear. Text can be longer than the userbars, but space is still limited so try to keep it short. There will be no text by default so if you want the signature to include your username you MUST specify that you want it included.
-Border - If you want a border and the type of border if you have a specific type, I default to a wide-screen styled border if not specified., if you do not want a border include that you do not want a border.

*It is recommended that you re-upload all images to an images hosting account you own, I am not responsible if the images are removed as I will be using a free host that does not require registration to save bandwidth of my personal image hosting accounts.*
**Usage Policy: I do not include watermarks on any of my images nor do I require you to include credits under your signature, I simply ask that if somebody asks where you get your signature you direct them back to me and DO NOT claim credit for the images.**


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Re: Dwlr's graphics shoppe

Post by iRC★Seals on Tue Nov 03, 2015 7:13 pm

Cool cheers

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