A little bit about IRC, And how to join.

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A little bit about IRC, And how to join.

Post by Cody on Sun Nov 01, 2015 2:03 pm

Thanks for your interest in joining iRC! We are a clan that is here for fun. We can schedule wars, or fun rooms on member requests if we are free'd up. If your interested in joining our clan, Here are the rules of joining! ~ Inspired Racing Community ~ We are recruiting for MKW and MK7 at this time.

 - You MUST be an active Mario Kart Wii Racer. (Now Recruiting MK7 Players Also)

 -  NO Drama is allowed whatsoever in the clan. ANY Drama will result in an Immediate suspension, or kick from the clan.

 - You must ALWAYS respect higher authority and treat the other members with respect.

 -  Use Wiimmfi.

 - Use the tag, 'IRC' when racing online.

- Hacking is allowed, BUT Only on AltWFC Or WHackR. If you are caught Hacking Worldwide or In Friend rooms where it is not permitted, I will not hesitate to kick you from the clan and Report you to a Wiimmfi moderator.

We are excited to have the opportunity to have you join our clan! If you have an interest in joining, Drop your friend code, Desired clan name, And any other information you would like us to know about yourself. We also will have a skype group for our clan. Please drop your skype name too if you would like to be in the group.  We are honored to accept any hard working members to the clan, so give us a shot today!  Tongue

Contact us! Add me on skype: wiimods4life , or visit the xat chat to join. http://www.xat.com/iRCMKW < We do have rules here, so please read the other post on rules expected to be followed at the chat.
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